Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Today I cast Ashley Smith. Those teeth, INCREDABLE! Ashley is an 18 yr old Texan, 3 weeks fresh, to NYC. Possible new muse?...


rastafarianrobot said...

hell yes, thanks. these pics look great.

Niko said...

her teeth are so exciting !

MarkLuv said...

This Girl is Trash.

Alan Forman (her mother agent) contacted personal friends of mine, Danielle Luft (editor and cheif of Jacques Magazine) and Jonathan Leder (photographer) Saying they have this great girl in Texas that nobody wants to sign in NYC.

Jonathan and Danielle loved her! Payed out of their own pocket to fly Ashley to NYC to shoot some editorials with Jonathan as well as a Story for Jacques.
She got off the plane and instead of seeing the nice people who flew her up here (NYC), she went on meetings with Model Agencies.

She ended up signing with Trump (which is funny because they wouldn't even fly her here to meet her), so they contacted Trump to set up a date for the Shoot's.

Trump "thanked" them for their donation, Duane said "she has representation now", what ever that means.

She won't even do the Jobs she was flown up here for.

Which would of been great tears!

Jacques magazine
Mirage Magazine
EXIT Magazine

If it wasn't for Dani and Jonathan she wouldn't even be in NYC.

She should go back to her Trailor park.

Emma said...

urgh, i'm sorry but i don't like her teeth...