Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beautiful babes

Today I cast some babes for an editorial we have next Tuesday. This is a first time client, and they seem to be specific about what they want, but, here a few that I chose, from today.

Anastasia Khodina
I've shot her a few times for look books and catalog. This girl is one of my favs that I've shot, she moves like no other. Anastasia is experienced, funny, adorable (if you don't piss her off!), and a quick worker. Love her.

Kim Cloutier
Kim is super sweet and naturally stunning. Canada babe. She has perfect skin, a great chin, nice chest, and a good attitude.

Anastasia Krivosheeva
Russian bombshell baby! Anastasia is toooo cute. Rockin body, great lips, eyes, and moves almost every frame. She will do well! Love her.

OMG, lovvvve this kid! Might be a new muse. NY, born and raised, street, attitude.
Campaign baby...?

Ross Higgins
Can we say Fifth Element?! HOT. He loves the camera, as we love him.

Punchy blue eyes and great face...His face will be seen a lot.

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