Thursday, March 3, 2011

LAUREN - A Nicholas Routzen Fashion Short for BULLETT MAGAZINE

Get it while it's hot! New short we shot for BULLETT MAGAZINE:

Click HERE for larger size video.

Camera: Nicholas Routzen
Sergio Reynoso

Edit: Jake Wiens

Stylist: Julie Brooke Williams
Hair: Billy Keith
Makeup: Claudia Lake
Music: Trentemoller - Moan

Sunday, February 13, 2011

NYFW February 2011 - Robert Geller Runway/after party + Bijules + Dossier Mag + Le Baron + 151

Two separate nights of eye candy. Click HERE to view entire gallery. Big love to Robert Geller, we love you. You continue to impress us all with your creativity! Congrats on the new line. And Bijules, like whoa... GORG presentation.

Click HERE to view entire gallery.

Friday, February 11, 2011

NYFW February 2011 - Luc Bouchard Gallery Opening + Future Claw + Don Hills

Kudos to Luc Bouchard on his exquisite gallery, Perception. Luc's work incredibly texturized, rich, colorful, and layered. The gallery is very moving! J'adore. Eye candy from his show + Future Claw Magazine + Don Hills

Click HERE to view entire gallery

Thursday, February 10, 2011

NYFW February 2011 - MILK Kick Off Party

As usual MILK came through strong with a kick ass private party opening New York Fashion Week. Drinks by Deleon + live music by The National. Eye candy below:

Click HERE to view all images.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Aussie Day vs NYC Emergency Weather

Last Thursday morning NYC declared it's "snowiest January on record, with 32.3 inches in Central Park compared to the previous record of 27.4 inches in 1925." For most of those who stayed indoor, you were probably very grateful. But, for those of you who braved the storm and went out for Australian Day or to a dinner/drinks you saw just how intense the storm was. Though the 2" of new snow every hour was quite frustrating to be mobile in, it also was one of the most beautiful nights I've seen in NY. People were diving off cars leaving snow angels in the snow, cars were spinning full 180's, and 2am snow ball fights were lining the bars. We happened to run into the only limo driver in town brave enough to drive Manhattan, who escorted us bar to bar. Though it took us 25 minutes to get from West. Village to Bowery, it was worth every fishtailed turn, every stuck vehicle along the way, and every $20 bill given to the driver. Only in NY. Cheers to my aussie girls Staci Child, Sherri Mathieson, Sarah Monteith and Kat, for the Australian motivation. My first Aussie Day has been Sharpie'd in the books!

We managed to get some photos + start a little photo booth at Bowery Electric with the complimentary roses.