Monday, December 21, 2009

Central Park snow day!

Sunday we had our first real snow day of the season! I had to take full advantage and go to our oh so beautiful, Central Park! Apparently I wasn't the only clever one on the island ;) I haven't seen this many smiles since Toys"R"Us first opened!

New Video - With The Dark We See

It's not often I break out the video, but around 1:30 am Saturday morning, I had the urge to document my surroundings and the snow which kept me indoor. Whether this inspiration comes from the love in my life, my environments, or just the constant visuals, it's definitely fuming! Enjoy.

With The Dark We See from Nicholas Routzen on Vimeo.

Click HERE for a larger view.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WWD Cover. Tuesday December 15, 2009

Last week we flew out to LA to shoot a few jobs, one of which was for Women's Wear Daily. Academy Award Winner, Colleen Atwood styled the shoot. Collen also designed and styled Nine, which we themed the styling around. We were fortunate to have worked with her, she's a sweetheart.

Styling: Colleen Atwood
Hair: Johnny Stunte for Photogenics
Mu: Gloria Noto for The Rex Agency
Models: Charlotte Carey for Photogenics
Sarah Emmons for Vision
Heidi Edwards for Next
Photo Assistant: John Weiner

ZINK Canada

Our new ZINK Canada spread is live.
Fresh off the grill, with my lovely Michael Whittaker.

Stylist: Julie Brooke Williams
Grooming+Mu: Cheyenne Timperio
Photo Assistants: Geordy Pearson + Greg Aune

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Nicholas Routzen- website, logos, books, rebrand!

I am excited to announce that the new site, portfolios, rebrand, etc are complete and live. Over the last 3+ months, I've worked closely with three of my favorite designers, Virgilio Santos, Brandon Savoy, and Greg Gunn, to execute the new Nicholas Routzen. The rebrand started with designing logos with Greg, which, took many turns in the process. To find that perfect font and perfect feel, it takes some time and many double takes at all of your options! I am a font snob, so, you can imagine the amount of back and fourth of choices. After nailing that, we were able to take it a step further and piece together the new look with a new site layout and entire face lift. Virgilio art directed the entire project, and thanks to his visions, was I able to follow the path, in which we've been wanting to try for the last few years. After the site design and mock up, we were able to start interacting with Brandon, on the new site layout. Brandon created the whole brain and back end of the site. He nailed what we were going for... full screen, large imagery, smooth, crisp, classic.

The new site!

I thank you guys infinitely for being part of my daily inspiration, mentors, friends, guidance, and constant visual candy feeders. Thank you, thank you!


Additionally, thank you to all my close friends and critics... Without your constant support, smack downs, love, and shoulders, I would be one step further away from my path! Merci beaucoup. You know who you are.