Friday, May 29, 2009

Women Management casting - 05/27/09

Wednesday I did quick casting of a few girls with Women Management. This week was so has been so hectic, that I completely spaced about my noon cast on Wednesday. Sure enough, 12:10pm rolled around, on Wednesday, and my booker at Women says "the girls are downstairs." Haha, a quick clothing change, a few open windows, some louder tunes, and the girls were walked in. Gotta love working from home.

Raw polaroids below.

Michella Cruz for Women Women Management
Notes: ADORABLE look, amazing lips, super sweet and cute, tall, long gorgeous neck, LOVE her teeth:

Lucian Marolla for Women Management.
Notes: Strong, naturally perfect skin, sweet, South American, sexy.

Melody Wooden for Women Management.
Notes: Sweet, Delaware girl, family oriented, low maintenance, raw look, angelic like, very lengthy runway look:

Rebecca Iannacone for Women Management.
Notes: Not shy about being a maintenance girl (HAHA), honest, good natural look, good expression out of the eyes, good mover, sweet:

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