Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sarah Simon's and Geordy Pearson's B-day + BBQ

Recently, we celebrated two of my best friends bday's, Sarah Simon, and Geordy Pearson! I feel like the last four weeks have been filled with bdays, including mine. September must have been a popular baby making month! Haha.
I've been told I produce a mean party, so collaborating on Sarah's bday with a good friend, Ali, was a no brainer =) Top of The Rock, dinner party at Lulu's, Apotheke, champagne, and cupcakes!
Additionally, you will find photos from a bbq, Labor Day weekend, in the Burg. This was a super get together, thrown by a bunch of kiwi's and you know kiwi's are a blast!
Lastly, my right hand man, Geordy Pearson, had his bday at one of our favorite Mexi spots in Williamsburg, Zocalo. Zocalo is the kind of place that the owner walks upstairs turns on the bar lights, turns on the tunes, and starts taking drinks orders to start the night... SUPER mom and pop. The turnout was perfect, about 13 heads, lots of tequila, beer, and plenty o mexican food to go around. We found ourselves making way to our fav dive afterward, The Levee... But that's always a given.

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