Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Christian Routzen vs San Franpsycho

Film maker, Producer, and Party Planner, Christian Routzen, partnered up with friend Andy Olive, to create San Franpsycho. Originally, San Franpsycho was the name of Routzen's first two surf films, which were based on the local surfers and natives of San Francisco. This quickly turned into a sequal, feauturing not only native surfers and pros, but also the whole SF scene, from partying, gambling, music, to a close tight nitch of crew involved in the beach/city scene. The success of Routzen's first two films turned into the lifestyle branding, SAN FRANPSYCHO. The buzz throughout the San Francisco scene is going so well that they are now throwing monthly parties, weekly live screen printings at events, a clothing line, and in the near future opening a retail store. San Francisco and other regional areas are responding with a deep respect for their grassroots style and gorilla marketing. The brand has expanded from an original surf film to now what can be called a full on following. San Franpsycho has teamed up with and is supporting many local talents of musicians, dj's, artists, and others throughout the Bay area. You can count on them branching their following throughout the California region and onward towards the East Coast, in the near future.

Owner, Christian Routzen, and partner Andy Olive:

Their new stickers have just arrived:

Big love to my brother Christian for not only creating a new movement, but also sticking to grassroots and creating a following of artists, music, style, love and respect.

To follow their events, check them out here:

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yogageena said...

Mama loves her sons is so proud of both of them for becoming such amazing and good men! Much Love and Aloha from Maui